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The Triumph of Nationalism/The House Dividing
Topic: Culture of the Common ManTopic: Cult of DomesticityTopic: ReligionTopic: ExpansionTopic: America in 1850
Topic: Religion
Overview of Triumph of Nationalism
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Text 1. Bryant/Freneau
Text 2. John Mayfield
Text 3. Alexis de Tocqueville
Text 4. Frederick Douglass
Text 5. George Fitzhugh
Text 6. Charles Colcock Jones
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Text 7. Henry David Thoreau
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6.  Charles Colcock Jones, The Religious Instruction of the Negroes in the United States, 1842; Part III:
  Ch. 1:  "The Obligations of the Church to Afford the Gospel to the Negroes"
  Ch. 4:  "Benefits"

Charles Colcock Jones

Note: On this page, scroll down to page 155 to read Pt. III, Ch. 1, and to page 206 to read Pt. III, Ch. 4.


Documenting the American South
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Libraries


If you choose to print this text:
-   Copy/paste chapters 1 and 4 into a word-processing
    document, remove extraneous paragraph
    marks and spacing, and print the document.
-   Length: 15 pages total in 12-point text with
    1" margins, single-spaced.


Overview of Jones and his family, from the Savannah Morning News

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