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Exact phrase. Use quotes [" "] to search for an exact phrase. For example: "freedom riders", "Malcolm X", "Benjamin Franklin".

Fill in the blanks. If you include an asterisk [*] within a query, the asterisk will be treated as a placeholder for any unknown term(s). The search tool will find variations of each word in your search and then try to return the best matches. For example, the query [* Franklin] will return results such as Benjamin Franklin, 1784 Franklin, E. Franklin Frazier, Franklin Roosevelt. Note that the * operator works only on whole words, not parts of words. This is stemming technology, not truncation.

Boolean search. Our search does not support Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT). However, entering a multiple keyword search will work like Boolean AND. Results will be returned only when ALL of the keywords appear. For example: sierra mining will retrieve items with both sierra and mining.

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