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The Triumph of Nationalism/The House Dividing
Topic: Culture of the Common ManTopic: Cult of DomesticityTopic: ReligionTopic: ExpansionTopic: America in 1850
America in 1850
Overview of Triumph of Nationalism
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Text 1. John C. Calhoun
Text 2. Daniel Webster
Text 3. William Henry Seward
Text 4. Henry Clay
Text 5. Henry David Thoreau
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Text 6. Harriet Beecher Stowe
Text 7. Frederick Douglass

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5.  Henry David Thoreau, "Civil Disobedience," 1848

Henry David Thoreau

Note: This page is the site editor's intro page, on which you will find links to Parts I and II which contain the entire essay.

Online Source

The Thoreau Reader
Site creator: Richard Lenat


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Brief biography of Thoreau, from the Library of Congress (longer biography available on The Thoreau Reader)

"Civil Disobedience" on one web page; no annotations or resources (16 pages), from the Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE

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