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Living the Revolution: America, 1789-1820
Topic: Predicaments of Early Republican LifeTopic: ReligionTopic: PoliticsTopic: ExpansionTopic: Equality
Topic: Religion
Overview of Living the Revolution
Resource Menu: Religion
Text 1. Online Exhibition
Text 2. Jefferson/Madison
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Text 3. Adams/Jefferson
Text 4. American Bible Society
Text 5. Forks of Elkhorn Baptist Church
Text 6. Rev. Peter Cartwright
Text 7. Richard Allen
Text 8. Background
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2.  Thomas Jefferson and James Madison on Religious Freedom
- Jefferson, Bill for Establishing Religious Freedom in Virginia, 1779
- Madison, Memorial and Remonstrance against religious Assessments, to the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Virginia, 1785

   Thomas Jefferson
  James Madison



The Religious Freedom Page, University of Virginia


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-   Length: 7 pages.


The Church-State Debate: Virginia, from the Library of Congress (scroll down)

Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, and Freedom of Religion, from PBS Church vs. State (scroll down)

Brief overview of Jefferson's Bill, from

Jefferson's "wall of separation" letter to the Danbury Baptists, 1802, from the Library of Congress

Jefferson's "moral sense" letter to his nephew, 1787 (religion and morality, faith and reason), from

James Madison's letter to Edward Livingston, 1822, on church-state separation, from The Founders' Constitution

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