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Living the Revolution: America, 1789-1820
Topic: Predicaments of Early Republican LifeTopic: ReligionTopic: PoliticsTopic: ExpansionTopic: Equality
Topic: Politics
Overview of Living the Revolution
Resource Menu: Politics
Text 1. Government and Liberty
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Text 2. Agriculture and Manufacturing
Text 3. George Washington
Text 4. State and Federal Power
Text 5. Thomas Jefferson
Text 6. National Identity
Text 7. The Politics of Foreign Affairs
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1.  On Government and Liberty in the New Nation
- The Anti-Federalist Papers, #1, 1787
- The Federalist Papers, #51, 1788

     The Declaration of Independence
Anti-Federalist #1:

Federalist #51:


The Constitution Society


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-   Length: 10 pages.


Chronology of the Federalist Papers and Anti-Federalist Papers and corresponding events, from the Constitution Society

Brief overview of the Federalist Papers, from the Library of Congress

Other online "Federalist Papers"
  Library of Congress
  University of Virginia

Other online "Anti-Federalist Papers"
  Liberty Page (full text)
  Univ. of Groningen (6 articles)

The U.S. Constitution and amendments, with interrelated links, from Cornell Law School

The U.S. Constitution (text and facsimiles), from the National Archives

Toolbox: Living the Revolution: America, 1789-1820
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